Watercraft Damage Waiver

Get additional protection from accidental damages on a Georgia lake with Young Harris Water Sports’ watercraft and boat rental waiver.

Renter's Insurance Requirements

If you’re not purchasing insurance, it is important to note that all liabilities are on you personally, not the marina, or rental business.

Boat insurance can help protect you financially from injuries done to yourself or others while boating. Insurance can also cover the watercraft if it is damaged.

Even if boating insurance is not required in your state, your marina may require it. It’s a good idea to protect your trip and ultimately, your finances, should an incident occur.

Renter’s insurance policies vary, but most cover property damage, bodily injury, collision and/or personal effects.

All plans can be reviewed and selected with a few clicks on your phone or online while completing your rental registration. You will complete the purchase of your policy in-person the day of your rental while checking in with a staff member. Once the policy is purchased and bound, there are no refunds.

Renter's Insurance FAQs

What is Boat Renters/Charterer Insurance?

This insurance product covers the boat renter or a named operator pre-screened and pre-approved by vQuip for damages or injuries to third parties they cause while operating the insured vessel. This would usually include accidentally running into the dock, hitting another vessel, or causing injury to someone other than a family member.

In our opinion, anyone who wants peace of mind throughout their trip would benefit from this product. The price for boats and healthcare have increased significantly over the past 3 years. A brand-new boat typically costs between $40,00 and $75,000 with many more costing above $100,000 so any damage could result in a high cost pushed back to you. In addition, potential injury claims could push those costs even higher.

The individual who rents the vessel will be covered. Additionally, anyone who is named during the check-in process and gets pre-qualified, approved, and listed on the policy by vQuip will also be covered. This does not cover anyone under the age of 18 or anyone not specifically named on the policy.

You could be liable for any injuries to your guests or damage to the other people’s property. This could include hitting a dock while going to a restaurant or injury to a person from another group.

This policy will respond to watersport activities as long as the Named Operator or the renter is operating the insured watercraft. It will not cover injuries to the family member of those operators nor will it respond to injuries caused while an unnamed operator is at the helm.

No, this policy does not respond to in-water activities absent the covered vessel’s operation by a named operator. If you accidentally hit a guest or third party other than a family member with the insured vessel while they are in the water though, this policy will respond. Please always shut off your engine while people are in the water and near your boat though.

Have you ever seen how much a lawyer costs now a days? Yikes! Luckily, this covers the cost to investigate and defend a claim against you or the named operator for any injury or damage you or the named operator caused to a third property while operating the vessel.

We offer additional coverages for purchase in case you want it.

Damage Waiver protects you in case you accidentally damage your insured watercraft up to your contractually obligated limit with the marina.

Emergency Towing and Assistance covers you for towing a vessel that becomes inoperable or for recover of lost keys.

Medical Payments covers small medical costs incurred due to injury to one of your guests or a third party (ambulance, broken bone, etc).

Fuel Spill Liability protects you from cases of sudden and accidental discharge of fuel into the water.

Absolutely not. This policy warrants that neither the named insured, renter, nor named operator will operate the vessel while impaired by or under the influence of any narcotics, alcohol, intoxicants, or drugs used with or without a prescription. Operating any watercraft or machinery is inherently dangerous for the operator and everyone around them.

Do not give control of the vessel to anyone not listed on your policy and contact the marina right away. Their contact information should be located with your rental paperwork and on the vessel. They will be more than happy to provide assistance. Safety is everyone’s #1 concern!

If there’s an emergency, contact emergency services immediately if the situation requires necessary action and assistance.

  • Upon your return to the dock, notify the dockhand immediately. They will walk you through the remaining process.
  • If you need to submit a claim after you have left the facility, call vQuip to notify them of the incident.
    • If the main operator purchased a vessel charter insurance policy, then you need to speak with a vQuip licensed insurance agent to initiate the claims handling process
      • 704-496-9002
    • If the main operator did NOT purchase a vessel charter insurance policy, then you can speak with any vQuip team member for guidance through the claims process
  • You should also fill out an incident report that includes the following information:
    • Named Insured including contact information.
    • Policy number
    • Date and time of incident
    • Location of incident
    • Name of operator at time of incident
    • Name of rental marina
    • Description and current location of the vessel
    • Description of the incident
    • Any injuries?
      • If yes, name of injured parties and description of injuries
    • Any pollution concerns?

Protect Yourself With A Boat Rental Waiver

No one plans to have an accident. Starting at $45 per day, Young Harris Water Sports offers a boat rental waiver, which is a great way to minimize stress while out on the water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my auto or homeowner’s insurance automatically cover me in the event of an accident or damage to a watercraft?

Most personal insurance policies exclude coverage for a rental jet ski or boat. Chances are you are NOT covered for damages when renting a watercraft. That’s why a watercraft damage waiver is a good thing to consider purchasing when going boating.
$140 – $750
Damaged Lower Unit
$2,500 – $4,500
V-Drive Shaft Replacement
$2,000 – $4,500
Fiberglass Repair
$500 – $8,500
Jet Ski Hood Replacement
$400 – $1,700

Policies, Pricing & Coverage

Jet Ski
Center Console
Ski Boat/Tri-toon
Wake Boat

Deductible Savings with a Watercraft Damage Waiver

This table summarizes the difference between a waiver policy deductible and the standard damage deposit applicable to all rentals with Young Harris Watersports. Please keep in mind that without the boat rental waiver, the renter is responsible for ALL damage to the watercraft, even if the total cost exceeds the initial deposit amount.
Jet Ski
$1,000 + all damage above deposit amount
Center Console
$1,500 + all damage above deposit amount
$1,500 + all damage above deposit amount
Ski Boat
$2,000 + all damage above deposit amount
Wake Boat
$2,500 + all damage above deposit amount

Do I really need to purchase a watercraft damage waiver?

Our watercraft damage waiver buys our customers a little more peace of mind when it comes to scuffs and scratches on rented watercraft. It also reduces your liability for the majority of other issues related to accidents or damage. Although most customers are able to turn in rentals without any damage, accidents do still happen. We specifically created this program at the request of customers to address this very possibility.

Even if you take precautions without a boat rental waiver in Georgia, there are many instances in which damage to your watercraft can occur without it being directly your fault. For example, if you have a rental boat docked at a marina during lunch-time and an inexperienced boater bumps into your parked vessel, this accident could still cause significant damage to the watercraft’s fiberglass hull. If the driver of the other boat leaves before you get their contact information, you are stuck with the repair bill. Similarly, hitting a submerged rock or log can also come with a hefty damage bill that will be your responsibility to pay.

With a watercraft damage waiver, renters are no longer responsible for paying the loss in revenue that occurs when damaged boats are not able to accommodate other guests. This is probably the biggest advantage of our boat rental waiver program as it will, quite literally, save you thousands of dollars if unforeseen damage does occur.

Fees & Charges

Lost Items
Damage Fees

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