Lake Hartwell is located in the Northeast Georgia Mountains and Upcountry South Carolina. Formed by a Corps of Engineers dam at Hartwell, Georgia and bisected by Interstate 85 as it crosses from Georgia into South Carolina, Hartwell Lake is one of the most accessible lakes in the nation. Less than 2 hours from downtown Atlanta, GA, 2 hours from Charlotte, NC, or 1 hour from Greenville, SC, Lake Hartwell is an ideal location for your residence, retirement, vacation, or investment real estate. Lake Hartwell’s 962 miles of shoreline and 56,000 acres feature some of the best boating, water-skiing, and fishing in Georgia or South Carolina. We offer boat rentals and jet ski rentals on this lake to all who are interested.

Must have a place to dock vessel Multi-day rentals available

Delivery Drop-Off Location(s): Vary


Lake Hartwell is a comprehensive online platform that offers an exceptional range of water sports experiences and services to cater to thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts on Lake Hartwell jetski near me. As you delve into the website, you are instantly greeted by a seamlessly designed interface that not only exudes professionalism but also effortlessly navigates users through various categories. The site showcases an awe-inspiring array of activities for all skill levels, ensuring something for everyone.

Whether jet skiing across the glistening turquoise waters or conquering exhilarating wakeboarding tricks under the warm sun, provides top-notch rentals and equipment options that promise an unforgettable experience on Lake Hartwell jetski near me. With safety being their utmost priority, they offer certified instructors who guide beginners through their initial steps in mastering any chosen water sport, fostering confidence and competence.

Furthermore, stands out with its commitment to customer satisfaction by providing personalized tips based on individual preferences or group requirements. It offers an extensive FAQ section elucidating vital information about reservations and amenities available on-site at Lake Hartwell. By embodying professionalism in every aspect of their service delivery, from user-friendly website design to attentive customer care representatives ready to assist you round-the-clock via live chat support or phone consultations, this remarkable platform sets itself apart as the ultimate go-to resource for those seeking adrenaline-pumping aquatic adventures amidst the pristine beauty of Lake Hartwell.

Lake Hartwell SC

Welcome to, your ultimate destination for thrilling aquatic adventures on the picturesque Lake Hartwell SC jet skis rental near me. Our website is dedicated to providing unmatchable experiences and top-notch services that cater to all water sports enthusiasts. As you navigate through our user-friendly interface, you will discover many exhilarating activities waiting to be explored amidst the tranquil beauty of Lake Hartwell jet skis rental near me. Whether you seek heart-pounding jet ski rides across glistening waters or prefer the serenity of paddleboarding along scenic shorelines, we have it all. Our well-maintained fleet of boats awaits those who wish to embark on fishing expeditions in pursuit of trophy-sized bass or want a leisurely cruise while enjoying breathtaking lake panoramas.

With comprehensive rental options available, we ensure that everyone can savor their desired adventure at their convenience. At, safety is paramount; our team consists of licensed professionals who offer thorough instructions and guidance before setting off on any activity, ensuring an unforgettable yet secure experience for all visitors. Additionally, our commitment extends beyond providing remarkable recreational opportunities; we also curate personalized packages for corporate retreats and team-building exercises. Come immerse yourself in the marvels Lake Hartwell offers with – where excitement meets professionalism.”


A scenic view of Young Harris Watersports & RV, offering outdoor adventures and recreational vehicle rentals.

Welcome our newest wake boat to the fleet: the ATX! Powered by a Raptor 400 motor and equipped with the GO and Taps3 system, the ATX is built to impress.

A pontoon boat with a canopy on it, perfect for a relaxing day on the water.

Reserve a tritoon with 150-horsepower outboard. Rentals come with an equipped ski tow bar, which is great for tubing, water skiing, and wakeboarding. Vessel seats 12 guests.

A scenic view of Young Harris Watersports & RV, with boats and RVs by the water.

Since our surf boats are always in demand, we have just introduced the all-new 21′ Chaparral Surf. This stern drive boat is great for the whole family. Surf, ski, wakeboard, tube, and kneeboard behind this exciting new rental!

A 2017 Yamaha VXR jet ski at Young Harris Watersports & RV in Hartford, New Hampshire

Request a new Yamaha VX Waverunner. This new technology makes on-the-water operation a breeze. Jet ski seats 2 adults.

A pontoon boat with a canopy on it at Young Harris Watersports & RV

Our premium tritoon with 250-horsepower outboard includes an equipped ski tow bar. This vessel seats 14 guests and is great for tubing, water skiing, and wakeboarding.

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