Affectionately dubbed “Lake Superior”, Lake Burton has become a premier vacation paradise. Boating, wakeboarding and jet skiing take on new proportions as you take in the scenic vistas of the surrounding mountains. If you don’t have your own, we provide jet ski rentals and boat rentals on the lake. It was named for Jeremiah Burton, a popular area citizen who would occasionally serve as bailiff in the local superior court and served in other civic positions.

With the completion of the dam at the east end of the lake in 1913, more than 2700 acres of lake were created. In the rugged North Georgia Mountains of Rabun and Burton Counties, Lake Burton has coves galore. Each is more breathtaking than the last, with peaks jutting high above the water. The Tallulah River was dammed and the town of Burton flooded when the lake was completed. Today the lake serves as a reservoir, controlling the flow of water to Lake Seed below it.

Lake Burton was one of the first lakes in the United States created specifically for power generation. At 2,775 acres, Lake Burton is the largest of Georgia Power’s North Georgia lakes. Lake Burton, with 62 miles of shoreline is formed by a concrete gravity dam. The spillway is equipped with eight gates 22 ft. wide by 6.6 ft high. The dam was completed in 1919. Total capacity at elevation 1,866.6 ft. is 108,000 acre-ft, of which 106,000 acre-ft is usable storage.

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Jet Ski Boat

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Lake Burton Georgia

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A scenic view of Young Harris Watersports & RV, offering outdoor adventures and recreational vehicle rentals.

Welcome our newest wake boat to the fleet: the ATX! Powered by a Raptor 400 motor and equipped with the GO and Taps3 system, the ATX is built to impress.

A pontoon boat with a canopy on it, perfect for a relaxing day on the water.

Reserve a tritoon with 150-horsepower outboard. Rentals come with an equipped ski tow bar, which is great for tubing, water skiing, and wakeboarding. Vessel seats 12 guests.

A scenic view of Young Harris Watersports & RV, with boats and RVs by the water.

Since our surf boats are always in demand, we have just introduced the all-new 21′ Chaparral Surf. This stern drive boat is great for the whole family. Surf, ski, wakeboard, tube, and kneeboard behind this exciting new rental!

A 2017 Yamaha VXR jet ski at Young Harris Watersports & RV in Hartford, New Hampshire

Request a new Yamaha VX Waverunner. This new technology makes on-the-water operation a breeze. Jet ski seats 2 adults.

A pontoon boat with a canopy on it at Young Harris Watersports & RV

Our premium tritoon with 250-horsepower outboard includes an equipped ski tow bar. This vessel seats 14 guests and is great for tubing, water skiing, and wakeboarding.

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